Thursday, April 16, 2015

I WONDER........

Okay, I'm a bad blogger. There's been a lot going on in my RL as well as SL and i just don't have the drive or passion to really blog anymore. Sad to say it but this may be my last post.I'll still play sl sure because well i'm addicted but i just don't think i'm cut out for blogging. Lately in sl I've made a few changes to my sl life and altho the stress is cut way down i find myself in need of a project. So i did some number crunching and well lets just say i may possibly be insane here for doing so but i'm looking into ............getting a full sim!! Why do you ask? Well i need something to do and i figured if i got a full sim id also rent it out an have renters. I found this sim already pre decorated. Look at that view isnt it pretty?! BUT having a full sim is a LOT of rl money and i keep worrying i wont have enough renters to pay the tier. ( i kinda thought i would attempt to have it look a little similar to how Alicia chenaux - zanzibar did it with her renters lots) I promise it will probably look way different then your's Alicia ( if your reading this). I keep telling myself i will have enough renters but today my sl Facebook for my avi decided to lock me out. That was one of the ways i was gonna advertise the sim and my avis sl facebook had over 30+ friends from sl. ( tho i don't personally know any of them and some of them spoke only Spanish lol) The Facebook page said i needed to show them my photo I.D and that's defiantly out of the question. So now my email that's tied to the Facebook still gets spammed with people wanting to add me but yet i cant get into  my account. So my scratching my head wondering if having a full sim is gonna be worth it. How am i gonna get renters without being worried that ill only end up with pervy  avis running around naked on the sim. ( seriously how did you do it alicia?!) I'm clearly in over my head here and i just don't know what to do. I thought if i got a full sim id throw lots of party's so my renters wouldn't totally get board and i could toss the word out to people in secondlife. Only problem with that is i'm not really a famous name in secondlife and i have no idea if i did send out invites to the famous names out there like berry and Alica an her family if ya'll would even want to come! lol i wanted the sim to be family friendly but seems like the family scene those people want to live in residential town with RP. and thats all nice an all ( i mean i lived in masoma county off an on for a year) but the problem is everyone who does residential does a town an then the sim lags and then the owners of the residential decide to add on more sims and before they know it they have 20+ sims and then the lag gets atrocious. sure its a great way to pull in the L's but thats not my speed.  I want to keep the sim family friendly but at the same time i cant put out  family houses because then theyd want roads exc....My family said to do smaller cabin like homes an rent them out an make the sim a romantic spot but again that gets me worried that will attact pervy people and i dont want to deal with that...
OK, I've blabbed on enough ........

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All work an no play....

Today's Look

Hair Truth Harmony Bun light blond
Top DRIFT skater gurl tank an shirt
Skirt DRIFT pencil skirt
Shoes Azoury leontine for slink mid feet
hands slink casual

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Well Hello Frank...

Today i stopped by my most favorite hot dog stand. I've been going to franks hot dogs stands for a few years now an despite his rather unusual choices in ladies aprons or the fact that frank looks a little rough around the edges its his laugh that always brings a smile to my face an makes me want to come back . Today tho he Tweeted that he was setting up his stand at the coast.Shelter Coast to be exact. So i got in my jeep an headed on down to the coast! Shelter coast it actually a really neat spot it offers small shops an a school to teach people how to roleplay in secondlife so if your wanting a get away from the hustle an bustle of the city or want to join the school to learn how to roleplay come on down to shelter coast!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Light Around The Corner

I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt in sl. Over the years i have learned alot of things about life, people and myself. but there's one thing that always nags at me when i stop by at heritage adoption center. I've been in sl five years i've been trying to do the sl family thing for four and what troubles me is how people dont always respond when i IM them telling them that i happen to have liked there panel. I suppose you could say after trying this for the past four years I've become anxious when i try yet again to put another panel up an just hope for the best. I feel like there could be a better way to do the whole adoption process in sl. The whole thing really can make someone feel really alone with no support in trying to find a family. The way i picture it is like a mother giving birth to her child then setting her child on the floor naked an cold an walking out the door saying " good luck kid your on your own" and i guess thats really how ive felt the past four years with this. I've even givin up at times an have taken down my panel all because i feel like im not good enough. Granted over the four years i have had my trial an errors with sl family's trying to adopt me but in the end it doesn't always end well. I wonder if there could be a better way of doing the whole adoption process. Having a few panels up at once an only allowing the children be on the panels whether young or in there twenties an only allowing the panels to be locked until you make an appointment with a guidance counselor to help you with the process. Then having the parents make an appointment with the counselor to meet with them to look over the notecards so that they can contact the child on the panel an tell them they have someone waiting to meet them an that the counselor an the parent in waiting can sit down an talk to see if your compatible with the person. So your never on your own an the children that sign up for the panel can always have a counselor available to talk to about the process. Then if the talking session with the parent an counselor go well then you can go on a 5 day trail an during that time the counselor would make a house call to your sl home to see how things are going. This way you dont get random people who are new to the game an are half dressed an have literately no idea what they are doing an want to adopt. There should be a policy that your account should atleast be a year old before you can try to adopt. My idea would probably never work an its probably way to time consuming being sl is just a game. I think people sometimes forget that feelings are a big part of how sl works an i know that people are probably consumed with other things in rl an distracted with stuff there doing in sl but when you see someone IM you an say that they happen to like your NC an want to chat it would probably be best to IM them back an say "thanks i will read your nc soon an when im done we can chat!" I mean how hard is it to IM someone back? Are people really that self absorbed that our society has lost all its manners? Even for a game you'd think people would be kind but really they arnt .....I've learned alot of people in sl can be very two faced because its easier to lie an say your nice when really there personality could be quite the opposite...So if your reading this remember there are people with feelings behind the screen an if somone IMs you IM them back even if you dont always feel like it....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Tonight i stopped by Abbys skating party! I've been following her moms blog for quit some time now an i had alot of fun at her  adoptaverasry party! The music was great lots of people showed up! i had a blast even if i didnt talk alot i still had a good time! So happy Gacha day to you abby! You can find her moms blog in my list Cha' know! 

Lets Get cozy!

Todays Look:
Hair : Magika - Thoughtful
Ear muffs : Noodles - darling ear muffs @ C88
Coat an sweater : The secret store - Misha oversized coat @ C88
Leggings : Tres Blah : knitted leggings -cozy pattern @ C88
Shoes : Flite -  First Winter boots -coal - Socks A&M urban tube socks
Hands : Slink with Katat0nik bear gloves @ C88

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another Look of Today!

Hair - Magika - Thoughtful
Jacket - Coldlogic - anselmo salmon /w shirt
Jeans - Vanilla - skinny jeans dark wash
Boots - Gos - Triumph boots Fem Massai
Hands - Slink