Monday, December 15, 2014

My new Business in SL

So i thought id start a Roleplay business an earn a little extra Linden on the side so i present to you

WHATTARELIEF! Providing the roleplay care you need!

Got a date night coming up and need a babysitter? I got you covered!

Have kids that are a handful an want a little extra help raising them? have no fear Your nanny is here!

Planning a party? Let me help you plan it!

Always wanted a roleplay maid to do your housework? well now you can have one!!

Got a huge yard an want some extra help setting out your landscape? I can fix that!!

Prices Veries on what job you need me to do! Very cheep an a fun way to roleplay!!

Contact Ryuni Helstein in secondlife for my business card an prices!

also on a side note bloglovin wants me to post a link so i can claim my blog lol
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